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Sep 24
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Written by Wolfgang Koellerer with Millard Baker   
Friday, 04 July 2008 00:58
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We've been excited all year long to have a pro men's bodybuilding show in the sunny state of Florida! But we have even more reason to celebrate now that the 2008 IFBB Tampa Pro Show lineup is close to being finalized. It looks like we'll finally have a very strong and interesting field of competitors on stage. This is something we haven't had since the Arnold Classic early this year. It will clearly make up for the weak lineups we've seen in New York and Houston.

The contest brings major excitement for us with the debut of two IFBB pro newcomers. James "Flex" Lewis from England and Clarence DeVis won their pro cards within hours of each other last October. We've been impressed with Flex Lewis in his amateur competitions and we were able to celebrate Clarence DeVis' victory with him at the 2007 Belgium Nationals where he earned his pro card.

The major narrative for the 2008 Tampa Pro Show is the emergence of a young breed of new talented bodybuilders represented by Lewis and DeVis competing against a long list of seasoned IFBB veterans who are all approaching the age of 40 if not surpassing it. The list of bodybuilding superstars in the latter camp is very long indeed with Dennis James, Darrem Charles, Toney Freeman, Quincy Taylor and of course Chris Cormier seeking to prove their glory days are not behind them in their pursuit of an Olympia qualification.

Will the two IFBB Pro newcomers James Flex Lewis from England and Clarence DeVis be able to defeat some of the established veterans in the sport of bodybuilding and place in the top five? The old timers will need to bring their A-game - no question about it!

We feel that Chris Cormier will come on strong after a long absence from competition. But his triceps injury may well prevent him from going home with the first place prize. Yet he still may qualify for the Olympia.

The fight for the top three spots that qualify for the Olympia will be incredibly competitive and we predict a very difficult task for the judges. We do not believe all the big names will be able to achieve their best conditioning. This leaves the door open to James "Flex" Lewis and Clarence DeVis; both are excellent bodybuilders with a lot of potential for success in the sport. The fact that they are also really nice guys makes it easy to root for them.

This does not discount the potential threat from Japan's former rising star Hide Yamagishi who is back from an unfortunate "forced" break in his career. After becoming the first Japanese bodybuilder to ever compete in the Mr. Olympia contest, he is eager to return to the Olympia stage once again and will no doubt be in great shape!

And don't forget Mark Dugdale who along with the aforementioned eight bodybuilders all expect (and have a realistic chance at) a placing in the top five.

With only one spot remaining in the top ten, we have several incredible bodybuilders who all have the potential to surprise the field and break into the top ten. These include the massive Marcos Chacon from Spain, the symmetrical Jaroslav Horvath from the Czech Republic, New York Pro top 10 finalist Charles Dixon, the ever improving Khalid Almohsinawi from Holland, the incredibly ripped Frederic Sauvage, Steve Name from Hungary and Canada's Fouad Abiad. Every single one of these competitors wants a top ten spot!

To all the east coast fans: Make sure to travel to sunny Florida for the Tampa Pro on August 9th for the next big IFBB weekend! It will be a great show in a superb venue with a great organizing team assembled by promoter Tim Gardner and the voices of pro bodybuilding Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo (Pro Bodybuilding Weekly).

And if you live on the West Coast, there is the Europa Super Show in Dallas on August 16th where Ed and Betty Pariso are certain to promote another spectacular production and expo! Many of the top bodybuilders from the Tampa show will also compete in Dallas. Of course, a few additional top pro bodybuilders will jump into the fray like Texas' Johnnie Jackson who will switch gears to bodybuilding from powerlifting.