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Sep 23
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Written by Muscletime   
Wednesday, 30 April 2008 04:07
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The 2008 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding Championship returns to the Tribeca Performing Arts Theater in New York City on May 10, 2008. Steve Weinberger and Bev Francis of the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym are promoting the popular event awarding prize money in the amount of $52,000 for the men and $6,000 for the women Several bodybuilders have been looking forward to Shawn Ray Vyotech 2002 and under competition.

We are pleased to see a strong list of bodybuilders scheduled to compete. One notable name that is missing from the current competitor's list is Kai Greene. As recently as this past week, we've heard rumors that he expects to step on the Tribeca stage. If true, he is the clear favorite to be the overall men's champion. The moment this rumor is confirmed, we expect ticket sales to pick up to see the sports number one entertainer.

We look forward to seeing German Tarek Elsetouhi compete on the pro stage for the first time; he impressed everyone with his victory at the 2008 Arnold Amateur IFBB Championships. Is it possible that he could be the big surprise placing in the top 5 should he show up even harder than the Arnold?

We know Ronny Rockel was quite upset with his showing in Columbus in several weeks ago. Will he redeem himself with a top 5 finish and a qualification for the 2008 Mr. Olympia?

Dave Henry is also a favorite. Clearly, the frontrunner for the 2002 and under contest. His conditioning was shockingly off, perhaps for the first time ever, earlier this year at the Iron Man Pro. He improved at the Arnold. We expect he will be back to form in New York!

The much anticipated pro debut of Ben White will take place in New York City at the NY Pro! Would a top 5 finish and trip to the Olympia be awarded so soon to the newcomer? He's had several months of preparation and good sponsorship contract to support him along the way, so we expect to see an impressive showing from Ben.

We also welcome Daron Lytle to his first pro competition back home in the United States. He just moved back to California from Belgium where he made productive use of his time raising a new family and earning his pro card.

The New York Pro contest is known to showcase pro bodybuilders from around the world; the 2008 contest is no exception with a particularly strong showing of bodybuilding muscle from outside the United States including Alfonso del Rio (Spain), Martin Kjellstrom (Sweden), Tarek Elsetouhi and Ronny Rockel (Germany), Sergey Ogorodnikov and Oleg Emelyanov (Russia), Gianluca Catapano (Italy), Zoran Vejic (Serbia), Henderson Thorne and Louis Joseph (Canada), Elvis Brown (United Kingdom), Bola Ojex (Nigeria), Neset Icli, (Netherlands), and Joel Stubbs (Bahamas).

The Muscletime Team looks forward to covering this excellent show!

2008 New York Pro Men’s Competitor List (May 10th, 2008)

Tribeca Peforming Arts Theater; New York

Current Competitor List:

1. Jason Arntz, USA
2. Elvis Brown, United Kingdom
3. Jimmy Canyon, USA
4. Gianluca Catapano, Italy
5. Brian Chamberlain, USA
6. Alfonso Del Rio, Spain
7. Charles Dixon, USA
8. Guy Ducasse, USA
9. Tarek Elsetouhi, Germany
10. Oleg Emelyanov, Russia
11. Abiu Feliz, USA
12. David Henry, USA
13. Roland Huff, USA
14. Neset Icli, Netherlands
15. Leo Ingram, USA
16. Tricky Jackson, USA
17. Ken Jones, USA
18. Louis Joseph, Canada
19. Emro Karaduzovic, USA
20. Martin Kjellstrom, Sweden
21. Daron Lytle, USA
22. Don Long, USA
23. Evgeny Mishin, USA
24. Sergey Ogorodnikov, Russia
25. Bola Ojex, Nigeria
26. Ronny Rockel, Germany
27. Roc Shabazz, USA
28. Joel Stubbs, Bahamas
29. Henderson Thorne, Canada
30. Zoran Vejic, Serbia
31. Ben White, USA
32. Nathan Wonsley, USA

2008 IFBB New York Pro bodybuilding contest