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  • Rodney St. Cloud at the 2006 Denver Pro
  • Shawn Ray at the 2000 Mr. Olympia
  • Don Long - Back workout
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  • Katie and Ronny Rockel - 2008 Olympia Weekend
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Saturday, 22 January 2011 09:13
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Jay Cutler - 2010 Mr. Olympia

September 25, 2010, Las Vegas, NV - With new Prejudging pics (from Katalin and Raymond) we conclude our 2010 Olympia photo coverage! Hope you enjoyed the pics (there are more than 450 online now in the gallery). Jay Cutler won his 4th Sandow trophy and is shooting for No. 5 this year mid September. Phil Heath (who we had winning the show last year) and Kai Greene (if he can regain his condition) will once more be Jay`s main contenders in Las Vegas. Stay tuned...

Photo: Jay Cutler - prejudging at the 2010 Mr. Olympia (Photo credit: Raymond Cassar and Katalin Kurko)

Gallery: 2010 Mr. Olympia Prejudging