Steroids Online Olympia History with Dexter Jackson and Jay Cutler
Jan 20
  • Jay Cutler (1st) - 2010 Mr. Olympia
  • Dorian Yates at 1993 Mr. Olympia
  • 2007-ironman-276
  • 1995-mr-olympia-148
  • Silvio Samuel and Dennis Wolf at 2008 Mr. Olympia Prejudging
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Saturday, 01 January 2011 19:52
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Dexter and Jay - 2010 Mr. Olympia

September 25, 2010, Las Vegas, NV - We hardly ever get to see two Mr. Olympia title holders in the same posedown on the Sin City stage! With 4-time Mr. O Jay Cutler and 2008 Mr. O Dexter Jackson we all got to witness Bodybuilding history once more this year. As we look into 2011 we know that Jay will not be back in a contest until Olympia time, but THE BLADE will return in a few weeks and compete in Santa Monica and Columbus OH!!!! Stay tuned.

Photo: Dexter Jackson and Jay Cutler - abdominals pose during 2010 Mr. Olympia (Photo credit: Raymond Cassar)

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