Steroids Online 2011 Arnold Classic Europe - The Amateurs!
Sep 23
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Written by Muscletime   
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 15:20
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Mahumt Irmak - 2011 Arnold Europe Amateur

October 8, 2011, Madrid - Here is the first set of photos that Raymond took in Madrid at the 2011 Arnold Amateur Europe contest. It was a great show with awesome new athletes (like - on photo - Mahmut Irmak from Turkey who won the 75 kg class). The Arnold Classic finally is expanding! And the first step to Madrid was a huge success! Stay tuned for more pics coming up very soon!

Photo: Mahmut Irmak wins the 75kg class at the 2011 Arnold Classic Amateur in Madrid (Photo credit: Raymond Cassar)

Gallery: 2011 Arnold Classic Europe (Amateurs)