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Jun 20
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Written by Muscletime   
Thursday, 10 April 2008 13:11
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FIBO Power 2008, the largest bodybuilding expo in the world, is upon us again this weekend in Essen, Germany on April 10-13, 2008. IFBB Pro bodybuilders from around the world have are  in Germany for the incredible weekend. This includes eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman; he will be at the BSN booth signing autographs and will also appear on stage. Two of the most talked about pro bodybuilders of the past months will also be at FIBO. Dennis Wolf, who placed fifth at the 2007 Mr. Olympia with many spectators placing him as high as first or second, will return to the FIBO expo after a three year absence. And the 2008 Iron Man Pro sensation Phil Heath will also be in the house at FIBO. In addition, the great recently retired Markus Ruhl will be in attendance along with pro bodybuilder Ed van Amsterdam. Bodybuilding fans can look forward to over twenty hours of events featuring their favorite bodybuilders.

But FIBO Power 2008 is not limited to bodybuilding. Friday will feature Marius Pudzianowski, four times the World Strongest Man, will make a guest appearance. FIBO will feature the second annual “Strongman Classic" as well. Organizer Heinz Ollesch has put together a strong group of participants: eight top athletes from four countries will compete with each other in individual and team events. On Saturday, the athletes will compare their strengths in the Farmers Walk, Stone of Strength, Log Lift, Pole Push and Yoke Race contests. Members of the German team are Tobias Ide and “Germany’s Strongest Man 2007“ Igor Werner. As early as Friday, top performances in weight training will be shown in the first annual FIBO Powerlifting Challenge; this new country competition will be staged by Hansa Vital GmbH from Friday till Sunday. There will also be another stone lifting competition, during which the strongest stone lifter among FIBO Visitors will be chosen.

The full schedule of events at FIBO Power 2008 as well as new columns (such as the FIBO POWER Talk featuring interviews with athletes) are available on the FIBO POWER  website. Admission to FIBO POWER is included in the price of the FIBO ticket, which allows for a visit to both shows as in previous years. Entrance to FIBO POWER is via the East Entrance.

Archived Photos from FIBO

FIBO in Germany - Tony Pearson

FIBO in Germany - Dorian Yates

FIBO in Germany - Gary Strydom

FIBO in Germany - Gary Strydom

FIBO in Germany - Tony Pearson

FIBO in 92 - Geir Borgen Paulsen

FIBO - Tom Platz Squats

FIBO in Germany - Jim Quinn

FIBO in Germany - Mike Christian