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Jun 24
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Written by Raymond Cassar   
Tuesday, 04 September 2007 18:07
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THE TOP SIX: Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Victor Martinez, Dexter Jackson, Toney Freeman, Melvin Anthony and Gustavo Badell! Seven names that most definitely are the favorites for this year's top six, right? On the other hand that means one of these awesome champions will not make it to the top 6 ! Unbelievable right? But that is how great a lineup we have for what might be the hardest BB contest ever. Here comes our prediction:

We think that Jay Cutler will win his second Olympia title this year. Judging from some precontest pics we have seen Jay is big and hard already. But both Ronnie and Victor will push Jay to the limit.

And it is very hard to predict Ronnie Coleman's shape. Rumor has it that the size difference between his two arms is getting worse and it seems that his back condition is lagging behind a bit recently.

\Maybe ever improving 2007 Arnold Classic champion Victor Martinez will be able to move ahead this time? Places 4 and 5 should go to Toney Freeman & Dexter Jackson. Toney has lot of momentum going now and Dexter barely beat him at the Arnold so this should be interesting.

Then we have 3 more guys for the remaining spot in the top 6: Melvin Anthony, Gustavo Badell and Dennis Wolf. Dennis Wolf is coming on strong from his Keystone Pro victory and Dennis has the structure to be Mr. Olympia. So Mr. O. veterans Melvin and Gustavo have to bring in their A-game to fight of Dennis for the one open spot in the top six. Gustavo has been top 3 twice already in the Olympia and if he is real shredded he still is very dangerous. Melvin looked real good last year! Can he duplicate or improve that condition?

The top ten:

So we already have 8 athletes (Jay, Ronnie, Victor, Toney, Dexter, Melvin, Gustavo, Dennis) in the top 10 and only 2 more slots open. One should go to the 2007 Europa champion Silvio Samuel. The judges loved Silvio in Dallas and he should do pretty well in Vegas too. We think that the one remaining top ten spot will go to either Darrem Charles, Will Harris or Ronny Rockel. Darrem was second in Denver and looked real sharp. He always is in great shape but sometimes got overlooked at the O. !

Will Harris was - a close!!!! - runner-up at the Europa to Silvio and could be in the top 10 too! Darrem and Will have to battle amazing Ronny Rockel who got badly overlooked in Denver and who definitely wants to be in the top ten this time around!

Top 15:

3 more places in the top 15 and 8 more athletes. We think that Eddie Abbew, Hide Yamagishi and Markus Ruhl have a good chance to place in the show. We are really impressed with 4 weeks out pics of Eddie Abbew @ 290 lbs. Eddie never looked like that before - ever! First ever Japanese Pro to make it to the Olympia stage Hide Yamagishi could also place. He is improving fast with every show he enters. And big Markus Ruhl from Germany should also place if his condition is okay.

Not placed?

There are lot more great athletes in the show like Olympia newcomers Mark Dugdale & Marcus Haley who were very impressive at the Arnold or Russian Sergey Shelestov. Plus Europa 3rd place winner Bill Wilmore and IFBB veteran Vince Taylor.

All very good athletes but we do not see them placing in the top 15 come September 29th.

Starting on Thursday September 27th with the Press Conference the Olympia action will be on full speed all the way to Sunday Sept. 30th with the champion seminar.

And for the first time ever the Olympia will be live for everybody to see in the world wide web thanks to the webcast.

Stay tuned for our full Olympia report coming up next issue!

For more information and tickets go to:

Not yet qualified - Our bets for additional athletes\

Here is the list of names we think have the best chance to qualify in one of the coming shows:

Chris Cormier, Troy Alves, Quincy Taylor, Ahmad Haidar and Johnnie Jackson

If Chris Cormier achieves his best condition he will not only qualify but win shows this September and then place in the top six of the Olympia! Troy and Quincy will also be very hard to beat if they come in hard and conditioned! (Both have the potential to place in the top ten at the Olympia if they really nail their condition)

Ahmad Haidar and Johnnie Jackson also might qualify in either Montreal or Atlantic City. Both athlete have done great before and competed in the Mr. Olympia!

And with the Spain show we might have some more surprise athletes coming to Vegas! Will Paco Bautista defend his title and qualify again? And what about fellow Spaniard Marcus Chacon? Stay tuned..........