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Gallery Update: Phil Heath Wins 2006 Pro Debut in Denver
Written by Muscletime   
Friday, 05 June 2009 00:00
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  Phil Heath at the 2006 Denver Pro

May 13, 2006, Denver, CO: Phil Heath wins his pro debut in the Mile High City Denver, CO in PERFECT condition. We admit Phil is bigger now, but is he better? The 06 version of his physique presented a spot-on razor sharpness from head to toe that has not been seen on the IFBB Pro stages since Ronnie Coleman won the 2001 Arnold Classic.

PhotoPhil Heath at 2006 Shawn Ray Classic (Photo credit: Raymond Cassar)

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Gallery Update: Tom Prince in 2001 - One of Best Muscletime Photos Ever
Written by Muscletime   
Sunday, 31 May 2009 00:00
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  Tom Prince at 2001 Night of Champions

May 19, 2001 - New York, NY: Our photo wizard Raymond Cassar managed to capture this All-Time-Muscletime-Classic backstage at the Night of Champions. Tom Prince clearly was in the best shape of his life (he placed 3rd) and we got this unreal shot, which we consider amongst our TOP TEN ever. Nothing is morphed, not even the colour is changed. The hams are for real (and Tom himself can`t believe it)!

PhotoTom Prince at the 2001 Night of Champions (Photo credit: Raymond Cassar)

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Gallery Update: 2009 New York Pro Snapshots by Dany Hoelzl
Written by Muscletime   
Thursday, 28 May 2009 00:00
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  Markus Ruhl at 2009 New York Pro

May 16, 2009, New York, NY: Comeback man Markus Ruhl places 3rd and qualifies for his 9th Mr. Olympia! Dany Hoelzl (Bodybuilding photographer, Pro contest promoter and Ultimate-Nutrition-Europe Head Honcho) mailed us these awesome snapshots of the N.Y. Pro weekend. We send many thanks and congratulations to Team Ultimate (who is the title sponsor of the 2009 Olympia).

PhotoMarkus Ruhl at 2009 IFBB New York Pro (Photo credit: Dany Hoelzl)

Gallery: 2009 New York Pro snapshots by Dany Hoelzl 


Gallery Update: Victor Martinez Pro Debut in the Big Apple
Written by Muscletime   
Tuesday, 26 May 2009 00:00
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May 2001, New York, NY: Victor Martinez competes in his first IFBB pro competition, the prestigious Night of Champions, and places 8th in a strong, star-studded line-up (with Dexter Jackson, Orville Burke, Tom Prince, Gunter Schlierkamp, et al). Two years later Victor will be back in N.Y. and grab his first pro victory starting his incredible victorious Pro career (which will lead to an Arnold Classic victory and should already have been crowned with the Olympia title in 2007).

PhotoVictor Martinez at the 2001 Night of Champions (Photo credit: Raymond Cassar)

Gallery: 2001 Night of Champions Onstage 



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